New Bedford, Massachusetts- Mayor Scott W. Lang is pleased to join with the Greater New Bedford Area Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee in welcoming the public to attend the “Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Remembrance Celebration.” The celebration will be held on Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 4:00pm at Keith Middle School, 225 Hathaway Boulevard in New Bedford.

“I am pleased that New Bedford will continue its annual tradition of honoring the legacy of one of our nation’s most inspirational leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I encourage everyone to attend this celebration and take advantage of the opportunity to reflect on Dr. King’s message of peace and unity,” said New Bedford Mayor Scott W. Lang.

Dr. King was an integral part of the Civil Rights Movement which laid the foundation for the theory and practice of inclusion and diversity in American society and around the world. Though he was assassinated in 1968, Dr. King’s dream lives on, touching the hearts and minds of people throughout the world.

The theme for the 2010 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Remembrance Celebration is “Building A Dream, through Non-Violence and Education.” The program will feature hip- hop performers from Westchester County, New York under the direction of Cornell Carelock, a White Plains educator and artist with the Martin Luther King Jr. Institute for Non-Violence. The group performs under the name HIP HOP which stands for Highly Intelligent People Healing Our Planet. Their music is based on Dr. King’s Six Principles of Non-Violence. The group will also perform at the Gifts to Give MLK Celebration on Jan. 18th.

The program will also feature Dr. Steve Perry as the Keynote Speaker. Dr. Perry is the Founder and Principal of Capitol Preparatory School in Hartford, Connecticut where 100% of its graduates have continued on to a four college. He is a nationally sought after speaker and is the CNN Education Contributor and Essence Best Selling author with his latest book “Man Up! Nobody is going to save us.” Dr Perry will discuss the Power of Education, followed by a 15 minute Q & A session.

The program will also feature musical performances by the New Bedford High School Marching under the direction of Eric Drew Band, the New Bedford High School Jazz Choir under the direction of Pauline Brazil DeBalsi, and more.

According to 2010 Chairwoman Marci Pina-Christian, and Co-Chair Carol Walsh, the annual MLK Celebration has been hosted by a variety of community groups over the past years and this year the Keith Middle School has opened its doors to the program. The goal of this year’s event is inspire and uplift our youth so that they can be empowered to reclaim the dream.

Members of the MLK, Jr. Service Planning Committee include the; New Bedford Branch of the NAACP, The Human Relations Commission, The City of New Bedford, The Inter-Church Council of Greater New Bedford, Grace Episcopal Church, New Bedford Public Schools, Baha’i Faith, Tifereth Israel Congregation, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and The Worship Center.

For additional information visit the City website at or contact Marci Pina-Christian or the City of New Bedford Human Relations Commission at (508) 979-1464.