Spirit of America Band took its name from having won the award for best representing the spirit of America at the national 4th of July Parade in Washington DC.  Spirit of America Marching Field Band, has competed in the World Championships, and winning first place in the World Association of Marching Show Bands in 2006 Jeju, S. Korea. The band has been featured in exhibition with Drum Corps International (DCI), and is recognized as an honorary member of the USO.  Under the direction of Richard K Pugsley, the band’s passion for patriotism, dedication to excellence, and energetic zeal, have won it countless awards and prizes over the past 30 years. Their joy of music in motion has ignited audiences in stadiums, US Military bases, parliament halls, and opera houses in Canada, Australia, and South Korea.

About the Show
Are “explorers” extra-ordinary? Is the word “explorer” reserved only for sea-farers and mountain climbers…inventors and great authors? What makes the “average Joe” get off the couch to find out what is over the next hill, or across the sea? and more importantly, what make us get up off the couch? Astronaut, Frank Borman, is quoted as saying, “Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit”.  If this is true, there must be a bit of the explorer in each of us…

The show presents discovery, journey, and exploration. When looking at the lives of many great explorers or inventors, there is a similar series of circumstances that brought each of them to a moment of great choice.  Each life is unique but there are patterns in their stories, a “time-line” of events that ultimately compel the person to dare to set out on a quest, mission or journey.

There are two parts of that story which Spirit of America will explore: The actions leading up to the quest and the quest itself. The experience is as much about accomplishment and discovering continents as the human spirit: an exploration of the heart – and the journeys within the heart. Thus we relate to the great men and women of history who became inspired, challenged, lost heart (hopeless, downcast?), eventually finding the courage to follow what was in their hearts.

Show Performances – Dates, Times & Locations:
June 28  - Half-time Performance - 7PM Game start – The Massachusetts Vocational Senior Bowl - Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School football field,  1121 Ashley Blvd, New Bedford, MA.
June 29 – 8PM – UMass Dartmouth at Cressy Field, 285 Old Westport Road, North Dartmouth, MA

June 30 - 8PM - Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School football field, 210 Station Avenue, South Yarmouth, MA
July 2 - 8PM - Eldredge Park, Eldredge Park Way, Orleans, MA

July 5 – 8PM - Plymouth South High School Football Field, 490 Long Pond Road, Plymouth, MA
See more about Spirit of America http://www.spiritofamericaband.org
Contact: Belinda Schmitt, Director of Communications, 774-722-1458.