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They start as small bumps that may be no larger than the head of a pin. Irritation can cause these pimples to become sore or otherwise uncomfortable. Do not pop these pimples, as doing so can result in infection. Weird anal lump bumps anal white bumps inside anal cavity pimplewart -like bump on anus semi-hard lump on the rim of the anus lump comes sometimes on anus little tender small lump on the outside of anus small lump near anus weird lump on anus. Other symptoms of the anal warts are usually rare but might include itching or discharge from anus. An infected person might also have the sensation of having a lump in anal area. A hemorrhoid is normally a swollen or inflamed blood vessel in anal or. Anal warts are a small pimple like bumps that can occur inside and around the anus. They can, however, grow large to become itchy, irritating and painful. Straining when you poop or pressure during pregnancy can cause them. Sitting in warm water (a sitz bath) for 15 minutes several times a day may help. Skin tag on anus can occur either inside or just around your butt hole. Skin tags are small, soft flesh colored growths that hang off the skin. They similar in appearance with warts (small, grainy growths that mostly occur on hands and fingers).

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