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They secrete into the anal canal via anal ducts which open into the anal crypts along the level of the dentate line. The glands are at varying depths in the anal canal wall, some between the layers of the internal and external sphincter (the intersphincteric plane). The cryptoglandular theory states that obstruction of these ducts, presumably by accumulation of foreign material (e. Fecal bacterial plugging) in the crypts, may lead to perianal abscess and fistula formation. The grooves between the anal columns synonym(s) morgagni sinus (1) 2. Pockets or crypts in the columnar zone of the anal canal between the anocutaneous line and the anorectal line the sinuses give the mucosa a scalloped appearance. Anal crypt the depression between rectal columns that encloses networks of veins that, when inflamed, are called hemorrhoids. Anal crypt synonyms, anal crypt pronunciation, anal crypt translation, english dictionary definition of anal crypt. An underground vault or chamber, especially one beneath a church that is used as a burial place. Anal crypts synonyms, anal crypts pronunciation, anal crypts translation, english dictionary definition of anal crypts. Perianal and perirectal abscesses are common anorectal problems. The infection originates most often from an obstructed anal crypt gland, with the resultant pus collecting in the subcutaneous tissue, intersphincteric plane, or beyond (ischiorectal space or supralevator space) where various types of anorectal abscesses form. Anorectal abscess is believed to originate from an infection in the anal glands. In 1880, hermann and desfosses demonstrated branching of the anal glands within the internal sphincter, submucosa, and opening into the anal crypts. 13 they were the first to suggest that infection in the anal glands results in extension of sepsis through the intersphincteric space to the. Anal abscesses are the acute manifestation of a purulent infection in the perirectal area, while anal fistulas are the chronic manifestation of such infections. An anal abscess is a pus-filled cavity that most commonly develops from an infected anal crypt gland following obstruction and bacterial overgrowth. Less common causes for the formation of anorectal abscesses are inflammatory bowel.

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