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Hegar dilators are used to induce cervical dilation in order to gain entry to the interior of the uterus. During the process of dilation, the cervix may have to be stabilized with a tenaculum , and then the dilators are slowly entered into the cervical canal with a lubricant, starting with a thin, low hegar number rod and progressing gradually to larger numbers. What do i need to do my babys dilation? You will need to order a n 8-piece set of hegar dilators. You can order these from an online retailer such as walmart or amazon. We prefer the metal dilators because they are easier to use at home. Physician perfromed exam under anesthesia , anastomotic dilation using a hegar dilator, flexible sigmoidoscopy. The process does require time and patience, but with proper anal dilator instructions, you can soon learn to care for your anorectal tissue. Ahead, learn how you might benefit from using a rectal dilator, and discover the basic steps of the dilation process. Hegar uterine dilators 21mm22mm gynecology double ended surgical stainless steel instruments. Hegar uterine dilators 19mm20mm gynecology double ended surgical stainless steel instruments. More recently, balloon dilation has become the choice for many, 2 entailing a considerable long-term cost. To the best of our knowledge, there are no published case series of bougie dilation of cd anal strictures. Hagar dilators are incremental metal sounds that are used to gradually dilate strictures of the anal canal (after ileoanal pull-through or other surgical or functional stricture of the anus). Hegars dilators hgrz etymology alfred hegar, german gynecologist, 1830-1914 a series of bougies used to dilate the cervical canal and urethra. What is anal dilation? Its a practice that may help to maintain the size of your anal opening or to stretch it to a more appropriate size. Your doctor may suggest dilators as a way that you can contribute to your colorectal care at home. What is anal dilation? Sometimes the anal opening is smaller than it should be.   imperforate anus repair, dilatation schedule after print. Dilatation schedule after imperforate anus repair before you arrive at cincinnati childrens. Order a set of hegar dilators before your childs visit to cincinnati childrens.

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