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The external anal sphincter (or sphincter ani externus ) is a flat plane of skeletal muscle fibers, elliptical in shape and intimately adherent to the skin surrounding the margin of the anus.   other articles where external anal sphincter is discussed anal canal the external sphincter is a layer of voluntary (striated) muscle encircling the outside wall of the anal canal and anal opening. One can cause it to expand and contract at will, except during the early years of life when it is not yet fully developed. Pelvis at the anatomy lesson by wesley norman (georgetown university) (rectum). The external anal sphincter consists of striated muscle that is controlled voluntarily by somatic motor neurons that exit the spinal cord at s2s4 and travel over the pudendal nerve. The internal anal sphincter makes the largest contribution to continence about 85 of the resting anal tone of 4080 mmhg comes from the internal anal sphincter. An anal sphincter is a group of muscles at the end of the rectum that surrounds the anus and controls the release of stool, thereby maintaining continence. There are two sphincter muscles one is internal and one is external.   other articles where internal anal sphincter is discussed anal canal the internal sphincter is part of the inner surface of the canal it is composed of concentric layers of circular muscle tissue and is not under voluntary control. Ultrasound identified anal sphincter defects in the external anal sphincter (61 of women), internal anal sphincter (3), or both (36). The external anal sphincter is a short tube of skeletal muscle surrounding the inferior portion of the anal canal. It is one of the three structures in the anal sphincter complex which controls defecation. While the internal anal sphincter and the conjoint longitudinal muscle are considered parts of the anal canal wall, the external anal sphincter is actually a part of the pelvic floor (perineal.). These involve contracting and releasing the anal sphincter muscle. There are several different positions to do these exercises, such as sitting, standing and lying down. A healthcare professional, such as a continence physiotherapist or specialist continence nurse, will guide you through these routines and help you to keep track of your progress. Sphincter sfingkter a circular muscle that constricts a passage or closes a natural orifice. When relaxed, a sphincter allows materials to pass through the opening. Four main sphincter muscles along the alimentary canal aid in digestion the cardiac sphincter, the pyloric sphincter, and two anal sphincters.

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