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Your dogs anal glands are two grape-shaped glands located just below the anus to either side. The pheromones they secrete give canines vital information about one another, including health, age, and sex. Anal sacs, or anal glands, carry some smelly fluid and occasionally need to be expressed, or emptied. Many dogs express them by themselves every time they poop the sacs are around a dogs anus but occasionally the sacs fill with fluid and your dog needs some help to release the fluid. Recovery of anal sac disorders in dogs after treatment, you will need to use warm compresses on your dog twice a day for 15 to 20 minutes for about 7 to 10 days to relieve pain and swelling. Be sure to give your dog the high fiber diet that your veterinarian will suggest to make it easier for your dog to have a bowel movement. Anal sac impaction results from blockage of the duct leading from the gland to the opening. Anal sac infection results in pain, swelling, and sometimes abscessation and fever. Initial treatment usually involves the manual expression of the anal sacs, most often by a veterinary professional. If you were not successful, make an appointment with your veterinarian to have them express your cats anal glands. When you go into the office, ask the vet to coach you on the procedure so you can try again the next time its needed. Be sure to get a few tips on restraining and distracting your cat as well. James bascharon shows how to easily express your dogs anal glands at home the veterinarian recommended way. Home pet education how to treat anal sac problems & scooting in dogs. Although many groomers offer anal sac expression as one of their services, this is not a grooming procedure. Anal sacs that are not self-emptying indicate a medical problem that your veterinarian can help you solve.   how to express your dogs anal glands at home diy anal gland expression - duration 424. If youve seen your dog scooting across the room on his bottom, it could be a sign of anal sac disease. They make a smelly, oily, brown fluid that dogs use to identify each other and mark their territory. Anal sac disease begins as an uncomfortable impaction and can progress to an. Dog anal gland expression identifying the need and causes anal glands serve an important function in the social strata of canines. Also referred to as anal sacs, these scent glands are located on either side of a dogs anus and release an oily substance that, to humans, has an unpleasant fishy smell.

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