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Anal sphincter sfingkter a circular muscle that constricts a passage or closes a natural orifice. When relaxed, a sphincter allows materials to pass through the opening. Four main sphincter muscles along the alimentary canal aid in digestion the cardiac sphincter , the pyloric sphincter , and two. Fitzgerald, in pediatric gastrointestinal and liver disease (fourth edition), 2011. The anal sphincter consists of an inner ring of smooth muscle, the internal anal sphincter, the intersphincteric space, and an outer ring of skeletal muscle, the external anal sphincter. The internal sphincter is an involuntary muscle that maintains anal tone. The urethral sphincters are two muscles used to control the exit of urine in the urinary bladder through the urethra. The two muscles are either the male or female external urethral sphincter and the internal urethral sphincter. When either of these muscles contracts, the urethra is sealed shut. The external urethral sphincter originates at the ischiopubic ramus and inserts into the. A stonesprings hospital urology surgeon explains the anatomy of the urinary tract and how muscles help you go. Overly tight or spastic anal sphincter muscles (muscles that control the closing of the anus) scarring in the anorectal area an underlying medical problem, such as crohns disease and ulcerative colitis (types of inflammatory bowel disease ) anal cancer leukemia infectious diseases (such as tuberculosis ) and sexually transmitted diseases (such as syphilis , gonorrhea , chlamydia.).

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