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The dachshund anal glands (also called anal sacs) are two glands secreting an unpleasant fluid through tiny ducts opening into the anus. Patricia mahoney demonstrates how to express a dogs anal glands in this installment of full circle veterinary cares series of instructional videos. If your dog has chronic problems with their anal glands, you know what i mean. Anal glands (also called anal sacs) are on each side of and slightly below the anal opening, at about 4 and 8 oclock.   my last girl was part miniature dachshund and she had her anal glands expressed at every grooming. In her senior years, when i groomed her myself, i never did it and she was fine--no abscesses, impacted glands, or fishy episodes. Anal sacs are a pair of glands present near the anus in a dog. These sacs generally get emptied on their own when the dog passes stool. But, if for some reason this does not happen regularly, it can lead to a strong unpleasant fishy odor. This failure to empty the anal sacs is seen more often in smaller breeds, like dachshunds.   my little boy dachshund has infected anal glands and was in the vets friday for antibiotics, i was thinking thismorning while making dog breakfast it has only happened since i changed to burns dog food (he went off james wellbeloved) so now am thinking of changing to arden grange or simular food, he doesnt eat too much he gets 15g dry for brekkie and 16th tray of naturediet or 12 tin arden.   my 4 month old male mini dachshunds anal glands are quite smelly, and seem to be full or smelly more than what seems to be normal. Its so gross, and im forced to empty them or else the furniture and our clothes will stink- yuck! Ive read several questions asking about this similar problem. One of my previous family dogs, was a rescued beagle dachshund mix had serious anal gland issues. Dachshund health problems include anal glands - in dogs are also known as scent glands as it is the secretion from these glads that marks the dogs territory and identify other dogs. These glads empty normally when the dog poops, a normal firm stool, if it is soft the gland will not empty. If, when you express the anal discharge, you notice blood or the fluid has a paste-like texture, take your dog to a veterinarian. Your dog may have an infection of the anal glands, which requires medical attention. Dont continue to squeeze your dogs anal glands if nothing comes out of them or the dog appears to be in pain.   hello, i have an eleventh month old miniature dachshund, and since she was about four months old, weve had constant trouble with her anal glands. Weve had her to both the groomers and the vets to have them drained, but they literally fill back up in a couple days and we are doing them at home ourselves now.

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