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Anal warts pictures what does an anal wart look like? Anal warts initially appear to look like really small, pin-like lesions. Over time they may grow larger in size, develop in groups or clusters, or form into unique shapes that often resemble cauliflowers. They may feel like lumps of skin or bumps in the anal region. Anal warts first appear inside and around the anus in the form of tiny spots or growths, report doctors at the american society of colon and rectal surgeons 1. Anal warts, also referred to as condyloma acuminata, can start as small as a pinhead and grow to about the size of a pea. About anal warts anal warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (hpv). This virus generally enters the skin through areas where the skin is broken, fragile or extremely moist. To eliminate the appearance of anal warts, you must kill the hpv. Emuaid doesnt contain harsh or dangerous chemicals to burn or freeze off your wart. Anal warts (condyloma acuminata) are caused by the human papilloma virus (hpv), the most common sexually transmitted disease (std). The warts affect the area around and inside the anus, but may also develop on the skin of the genital area. They start as small bumps that may be no larger than the head of a pin. However, using condoms whenever having any kind of intercourse may reduce, but not completely eliminate, the risk of hpv infection, as hpv is spread by skin-to-skin contact and can live in areas not covered by a condom. I no longer have genital warts, im now stress free! Im 34 years old and found out in 2005 that i have genital warts. I cant speak for others, but after using every topical cream and ointment on the planet, i concluded vidarox is definitely 100x better.

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