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  clear gooey discharge with some blood from cats anus (or could be vulva, but she is spayed). Old cat has been having a clear, mucous discharge from her butt for the past 24 hours and some soft stools. What does anal mucus discharge mean? If you are experiencing this symptom you may have an infection like e. Read now for more associated characteristics, causes, and treatment options. Mucus discharge from cat rectum we had a cat show up at our door. We have cleaned that area and checked for things that might draw them back there but we found nothing. Blood in my kittens diarrhea my kitten is 6 wks old he has had blood diaherra for a week,. Vaginal discharge refers to any substance (mucus, blood, pus) excreted by the cats vagina. Because there are so many causes for this medical condition, consulting a veterinarian is highly recommended. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment of this condition in cats here. As we stated above, impaction is not the only reason a cats anal glands might not function properly. Also known as saculitis, an anal gland infection in cats produces a painful inflammation in one or both of the cats anal glands. You should suspect an anal gland infection if your cat has clear or yellowish liquid, purulent fluid (pus) or even blood coming from the area. Blood can originate anywhere along the lower gastrointestinal tract, from the stomach and intestines (colon, rectum, anal canal) or externally, from the anus or the anal glands. Impacted anal glands the anal glands, which are at the 5 and 7 oclock position on the cats anus, contain a clear, foul-smelling liquid which is released from the glands when the cat defecates. Anal gland discharge there are two anal glands located on each side of the rectum. There is normally some discharge released with a normal bowel movement. Some cats can have small amounts of anal gland discharge but i would not expect drips. On a tissue this discharge can be yellow to brown and has a very foul odor. Digested dark blood can signal a serious condition while red blood can be anything from benign food changes to cancer. What came out was a clear gooeyjellysnot like consistency pile of goop, with some spots of red that looked like blood, with no odor at all. I dont have any other problems such as pain or cramps or anything, and this is the first time that its ever happened.

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