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Anal fissures are categorized as small tears in the anal surface lining and may cause a feeling of pressure or pain. Rectal pain can refer to any pain or discomfort in the anus, rectum, or lower portion of the gastrointestinal (gi) tract. Rectal pressure is a common symptom of a variety of problems, from constipation to ulcerative colitis. I made the mistake of carrying a very heavy box up the stairs at home and came down the next morning with pain in my lower back. Over the past 5 days, the lower back pain has now spread into my tailbone and im having the rectum pain again for the first time in months. This is making me miserable as i thought i had gotten past it. Rectal pain is pain or discomfort in the lower portion of the gastrointestinal tract. The term is often used interchangeably with pain in the anus or anal pain. It is a fairly common problem and can result from conditions such as hemorrhoids or anal fissures. Rectal pain can be associated with symptoms such as prolapse, pressure, or bleeding. Four common causes of the symptom of rectal pain, pressure, or discomfort are.   trying to find out if rectal pressure can be due to low back pain. Today the low back pain got really strong, and while so, the rectal pressure got bad. Ive only had the low back pain since march, ive had the rectal pressure since december. Tumors or other forms of cancer are additional possibilities that can cause abdominal pain 1. Women may develop pelvic problems that can cause pain and pressure in the lower abdomen. Fibroid tumors of the uterus and malignant tumors of the uterus or cervix can cause pain. Anal pain (pain in the bottom) can be distressing, but its often just the result of a minor, treatable problem. The medical name for pain in and around the anus or rectum is proctalgia. An anal fissure is a small tear in the skin of the anus that can be caused by passing a large or hard poo.

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